MLKMartin Luther King - a disciple of Jesus

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   civil rights      disciple      his words      image of God      love      Luke 10      non-violent      not friendly      the footsteps of Jesus      The Parable of      the story of creation      violent death   
Martin Luther King was a true of Jesus. He believed that all human beings were created in the . This idea came from in the book of Genesis (Genesis 1).

Martin Luther King followed in and he certainly followed the teaching of Jesus in the Good Samaritan. () In this story a Samaritan helped a Jew even though traditionally they were towards each other. He applied this to the fight for in the U.S.A.

He also used methods like Jesus! He believed that is what changed humans hearts not violence! Like Jesus he "turned the other cheek" (Matthew 5) and like Jesus he died a ! Like Jesus, he is remembered and still inspire people today!