The FISH is an ancient Christian symbol going back to the very early days of Christianity!

The international language of the day was GREEK and the ancient Greek word for FISH is ICHTHUS or ΙΧΘΥΣ.

These Greek letters stand for the equivalent of

Ι = Jesus
Χ = Christ
Θ = God
Υ = Son
Σ = Saviour

So, the sign of the FISH is an acronym summarising early Christian belief about Jesus.

In the days of persecution that came in the latter part of the first century, the FISH became a secret symbol by which Christians identified themselves to other Christians!

Of course, there are stories in the Bible linking Jesus and fish!

When he called the first disciples in Luke 5, he helped them catch a huge load of fish after they had fished all night unsuccessfully! He then told Simon, Andrew, James and John that from then on they would be "fishers of men"!

When Jesus fed the 5000 in Mark 6, he used 5 loaves and 2 fish.

In John 21, we hear of another miraculous catch of fish after Jesus had risen from the dead!

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